We help organizations realize their best ideas. We offer a unique combination of business acumen and solutions-oriented detail that earns the trust and respect from business stakeholders and technology teams alike, while delivering work product that drives business value.

We are efficient and effective in our analysis.Laura Brandau testimonial

As business analyst contributor, I can deliver the following outcomes for client projects:

  • Executive alignment on a product road map;
  • Cross-functional alignment on outcomes for a specific service or project;
  • Comprehensive view of your current IT and business process capabilities;
  • Reduction of excessive IT spending on project work;
  • IT efforts aligned with business objectives.

As a consultant supporting your business analyst practice, you might solicit my assistance to:

  • Develop a business analyst job description;
  • Conduct new hire interviews and make recommendations;
  • Develop a business analyst process library or center of excellence;
  • Coach a new business analyst through a project;
  • Coach an experienced business analyst through a project with new challenges;
  • Perform an expert review of requirements specifications;
  • Help solve a difficult problem.

As a business analyst mentor I can help individuals start or advance their BA careers through:

  • Skill development and practice;
  • Resume evaluation;
  • Interview coaching;
  • Career coaching.